our story

Working as nannies, we have had the opportunity to see how hard it is for Moms that have a busy schedule, to find time to shop for groceries and cook healthy meals for their children after a long day at work. Besides that, sometimes it is a challenge to make the little ones eat vegetables and all the nutrients they really need.

Thinking about your kids, we created Love N Meals with a nutritionally balanced menu that is healthy, fun, and appealing to children.

We provide healthy and fresh meals for kids, made with the same Love of Moms, allowing parents to save their precious time to enjoy it with whom they really care about.

At Love N Meals, our healthy California-style meals are made with 100% natural and fresh ingredients; organic veggies; no artificial flavoring; no preservatives, and free from refined sugars. In order to guarantee the freshness and quality of the meals, we deliver twice a week.

We welcome you to know the care we take in preparing each meal, and how healthy and tasty they are! Let Love N Meals be the answer to your “What´s for lunch/dinner?” question.